Title: Ahmadu Bello University holds its 2016 Annual lecture series in Abuja

The annual lecture series which was the first of its kind, was organized by the National Alumni Association, to bring together like minds in the Academia and the university alumni to identify a common ground through which University education could be repositioned to cater for societal needs.

The annual lecture series which was themed “challenges of the ethno Religious dimension of Nigerian politics and promoting sustainable integration” was delivered by the longest serving Ambassador and Nigeria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Professor Ibrahim Gambri.

Professor Gambari maintained that promoting the University and diversity can only be achieved through respecting the identity of each other, according to him many conflicts around the World were born out of the desire to recognize a common identity, nothing that a Nation either practice the politics of inclusion to allow peace to reign and for progress or retract to politics of exclusion and remain without peace and progress.

Professor Gambari blamed corruption, religious as well as ethnicity as the greatest enemy of Nigeria’s development, saying corruption must be defeated because those perpetuating any corrupt act could be term as enemies of the Nation. He added that the factors which unite Nigeria and its divers ethno religious citizens far out weight those factors that are trying to divide it, appealing to Nigerians to unite alongside those common factors that unite them as one entity. 

In his remark the President Muhammad Buhari, who was represented by Dr. Ahmed Joda, said the lecture was timely considering the myriad of challenges Nigeria as a Nation was being faced with in recent times. He said Nigeria spent more than a decade in trying to negotiate the existence of the Country as one entity. He appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to be patriotic in order to unite the country.

Highlight of the events was the exhibition which was coordinated by the Directorate of University Advancement, to show case research and innovations from the various faculties of the University.

Innovations from the University in various forms were showcase to the members of the Public after the lecture, which was conducted by the Director, Directorate of University Advancement, Professor Adamu Admed, he took participants round the different shed provided for each department to display its ware at the event. Items that were put out for display at the exhibition include the Eco Marathon Car manufacture by students of the mechanical engineering, the American football stand, NAPRI Product, Distance learning stand, Innovations by the ICICT, books , journals and also artifact from the department of Fine Arts were all in display at the occasion, among others. 

Posted by: Ahmed Jika, ON Wednesday 27th of April 2016