Title: Directorate of University Advancement advocates stronger partnership with faculties for greater development

The Director of University Advancement, Professor Oga Steve Abah, has emphasized the need for stronger collaboration between the Directorate and, Faculties and Centres in the University to further develop the University.

He stated this during a one day sensitization workshop entitled; “The Role of Advancement in the University System”, organized for Deans, Directors and Faculty Advancement Officers at the Centre for Development Communications in ABU Samaru, Zaria.

Professor Abah said the workshop was the first in the series of workshops, outlined by the Directorate in order to bring to the fore activities of the University to the community and to seek their collective supports towards the advancement of the University.

He explained that the workshop was aimed at offering participants drawn from different Faculties in the University an opportunity to understand what it takes to start building relationship with students who would turn alumni tomorrow and the need to work closely with the Directorate towards the attainment of the University’s advancement objectives.

In a paper entitled, “The Roles of Deans and Directors in Advancement”, Dr Tony Okpe, who was a member of the technical team for the Directorate, outlined four basic areas which faculties and centers in the University needed to prioritize in order to build beneficial relationships with their alumni.

The areas, according to him, include searching for potential alumni members capable to give back to their Alma Mater, building relationship with the alumni through establishing contacts by phone calls and emails and confidence building by way of sending congratulatory messages in period of joy or appointments and commiserate with them while in grief.

Other areas he pointed include request by identifying areas of needs, the approach and volume of what to ask from prospects and donors and lastly the recognition aspect which dealt with appreciating gift and contributions made by alumni and friends.

Dr Okpe further stressed that these highlighted areas were critical to the promotion of University Advancement since they formed a vital organ through which any university could build a beneficial relationship with its alumni and friends to achieve advancement.

He tasked various units in the University to effectively collaborate with the Directorate to achieve the set objectives of the University advancement, so as to generate alternative sources of funding to the University.

The four units in the Directorate namely Alumni Relations, Advancement Services, Development and, Communications, made presentations on the different roles each of them played to the attainment of the University’s development.

The units’ heads outlined some of their various roles which included communicating the University’s success stories to its community and stakeholders, relationship building, alumni data processing and updating as well as resource mobilization among others.

At an interactive session, participants were asked to voice their opinions on the way in which proper working relationship could be streamline between the Directorate and the faculties.

The participants urged the Directorate to embark on an aggressive sensitization campaign to encourage the attitude of giving among University staff with passion and enthusiasm, while appealing to the University management to always acknowledge gift by sending a thank you notes which they said could bring more donations.

They further stressed the need for the Advancement Directorate to always use the social media platforms to disseminate information on its activities which according to them was the fastest and easiest way to pass information across.

Reacting to the questions raised during the interactive session by some of the participants, the guest speaker, Dr Tony Okpe, stated that the rationale for organizing the workshop for Deans and Directors was to form collaboration between Faculties and centers, and the Directorate so as to understand the need to pursue a common course.

In his closing remarks, Dr A Ahmed, another member of the technical committee for the Directorate, thanked the participants for sparing their time to attend the workshop and pledged to work together with all faculties to achieve the desired development of the University to greatness.


Posted by: Ahmed Zakaria, ON Tuesday 27th of January 2015