Title: Editorial

The Directorate of University Advancement was established to source for additional resources and build partnerships with alumni and stakeholders of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), towards developing the University to achieve its desired goals. We welcome our readers to this edition of the Newsletter that presents you stories, features and memorable pictures. Advancement is all about building relationships, fund-raising as well as communication with stakeholders. Therefore, the Directorate’s Newsletter serves as a vital tool through which all stakeholders of the University can adequately be informed about happenings in the great institution. The news and feature stories revolve around activities of the University and its alumni, irrespective of their locations. This edition brings to you stories on the sensitization workshop, which the Directorate organized for Deans, Directors and Faculty Advancement Officers. We also have interviews with some prominent ABU alumni, who have excelled in their various fields of endeavour in addition to capturing some important activities that took place during the last Alumni Annual General Assembly. ABU is a household name almost in everywhere across the states of the Federation and many places abroad because, the institution has impacted positively on the lives of its alumni both at home and in the Diaspora. The University’s alumni will forever remain indebted to it for affording them the opportunities to become who/what they are today in the society. Some distinguished ABU alumni in the interviews recall their days in ABU and what the institution meant to them. Hence, going through our diary of research work which is the bedrock of the University’s existence, the Department of Biochemistry has recently made a breakthrough in research. The team of researchers from the Department has developed anti-diabetes drugs from herbs. This discovery would open a window of opportunities for the University’s graduates as well as create an avenue for development of viable and cost effective herbal products. In a related development, the Department of Chemical Engineering, in its quest to meet up with global challenges in research, made a breakthrough in the production of zeolite catalyst, using clay. The breakthrough is a huge success that would reduce the huge capital plight on the importation of raw materials for use in local refineries, which will equally offer huge opportunities for entrepreneurial development. Kudos to ABU team of researchers.

The Directorate was established to support the Vice Chancellor in his effort of securing the future of the University as well as to find alternative sources of generating funds and support to the University by connecting with the alumni, friends and well-wishers. We work in tandem with alumni and stakeholders to advance the University to greatness. What we endeavour to build towards this end is a strong body of well-informed individuals that will contribute to our quest. We therefore encourage you to send in your comments and suggestions to the editor for better service. So join us in our effort to move ABU to greatness.

Send your comments and enquiries to the Editor, Room 20, Directorate of University Advancement, opposite Senate Building, ABU, Samaru Zaria, or through the e-mail: hafsatibrahim@abu.edu.ng


Posted by: Ahmed Zakaria, ON Tuesday 27th of January 2015