Construction of Iya Abubakar Computer Center Annex

Project Owner: Iya Abubakar Computer Center

This project requires the construction of a building annex to the Iya Abubakar Computer Center (IACC). IACC used to have the best computing infrastructure in West Africa in the 1980s.  After a short lull in its activities, the Center is now regaining momentum towards rediscovering its glorious past.

One of the major constraints in the Center's growing activities is lack of space.  Additional space is needed for laboratories, workshops, eLibrary, staff offices and lecture halls.  These are urgently required to enable the Center realize its mandate of providing ICT competency training to staff and students, among other things.

A proposed three-storey building annex is proposed for IACC.  Some of the Architectural designs of the buildings accompany this project description.  A Bill of Quantities is also available with the following cost estimates (as at 2009):

S/No ITEM Cost Estimate
1 Preliminaries 11,000,000
2 Main Building 204,456,945
3 External Works 18,025,000
4 Contingency 6,500,000
  TOTAL 239,981,945
  VAT (5%) 11,999,097.25
  GRAND TOTAL 251,981,042.25

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Authored by Directorate of University Advancement ON Sunday 30 September, 2012


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