Construction of ALUMNI Computer Lab

Project Owner: 500

As you are all aware that, technology is becoming the only way to go in this world, in this university we still need to have things fixed up, but before we concentrate on the other issues we need to first talk of how we can go with the rapid growth of the technology.

we therefore ask for your support to acheive this goal.

Project Cost is: $800,000,

Duration: 5 month,

Location: Main Campus ABU Zaria, Kaduna State.

Sponsored: Is 100% Sponsored

Sponsored By:
1.  Abdullahi Abubakar Imam
♦ Names: Abdullahi Abubakar Imam
♦ Curency: United States Dollars
♦ Amount: 1000000
♦ Privacy: NO
♦ Is Alumnus: YES
♦ Message: Thanks for giving us chance to donate to A.B.U
2.  Anonymous Sponsor
♦ Names: Anonymous Sponsor
♦ Curency: Naira (Nigerians Only)
♦ Amount: 100000
♦ Privacy: YES
♦ Is Alumnus: YES
♦ Message: no

Authored by Directorate of University Advancement ON Saturday 29 September, 2012


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