The Head, Communications Unit ensures that the university’s successes and aspirations are effectively communicated to both the internal and external stakeholders. The unit maintains the publication of a monthly newsletter conveying relevant information to the stakeholders. A subscription list of stakeholders shall be opened and updated from time to time by the unit. The unit is also responsible for developing institutional proposals, compiling and preparing reports associated with funded grants, and writing of other advancement-related materials.  

The Head, Communications Units reports directly to the Director on all activities and programmes relating to the unit. He supervises the programme Officer working with him in the unit.

The roles of the Head, Communications Unit are:

  • Serves as in-house resource on the preparation of advancement proposals, mass communications letters, publications and other related materials;
  • Serves as editor for newsletter and all proposals before they are submitted;
  • Work with academic champions in the development of programme ideas and concepts.
  • Monitor funded programme activities and prepare draft grant report as at when due.
  • Conduct research on programmes prior to writing proposals.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Director.

The unit is headed by Haj. Hafsat Ibrahim (Communications Officer)