The Governing Board of the Directorate of University Advancement was inaugurated on Friday 30th December, 2011 by the Vice- Chancellor of the University, Professor Abdullahi Mustapha.

The Board has Nine (9) members including Secretary, who is the Communication Officer of the Advancement Directorate. The members are appointed into the Board base on the positions and the tenor attached to each office by the following respective persons:

  1. Prof. Ibrahim Naiya Sada         DVC (Administration)                   Chairman.
  2. I .S Usman                            Bursar                                       Member
  3. Prof. Oga Steve Abah              Director (DUA)                            Member
  4. Prof. M.S Shehu                      Dean, Student Affairs                  Member
  5. Prof. A .K Adamu                     Dean, Faculty of Science             Member
  6. Dr. M. A Sambo                       Director PP&MS                          Member
  7. Dr. S.B. Abdulkarim                  Dean Faculty of Admin               Member
  8. Barr. Nuhu Uthman Kuso           Representing Alumni                 Member
  9. Hafsat Ibrahim                        Communications Officer             Secretary


The Board has the following mandate:

  • To meet on quarterly basis and/or on rare exceptional basis to discuss issues relating to the Directorate and Advancement activities.
  • Perform oversight responsibilities of all advancements activities of the University.
  • To determine the policy thrust of the Directorate of University Advancement.
  • To consider and decide on matters relating to remuneration/compensation to staff, furnishing of offices, provision of logistics for the Directorate.