The Directorate of University Advancement started as the Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PRMU) alias Development office in line with the proposal submitted to the Carnegie Corporation New York in 2002 for a takeoff fund. Additional funding support was also sought from MacArthur foundation, Chicago, USA for strengthening the office. The approval of these grants culminated in the review and restructuring of the office under the auspice of Council for Advancement and Support for Education (CASE), New York, thereby harmonizing the then two independent units (i.e. Alumni Office and Development Office) into the present day Directorate.   

The Directorate is headed by Prof. Adamu Ahmed and consists of four units: Alumni Relations, Development, Communications Unit and Advancement Services. The Directorate functions as an integrated team with a common strategy and objective to build a meaningful relationship with key stake holders.

 The University Advancement Director is charged with the responsibility to produce and implement a strategy to achieve an integrated “advancement” program, including clear objectives, performance measures, budgets and other resource requirements for fundraising, alumni relations, communications and Advancement Services. The Director's main schedule is to coordinate activities of the Directorate Staff and Volunteers to raise financial and material resources to augment the government subvention which by day is dwindling owing to population growth, wear and tear, dilapidated infrastructures and lack of state of the art equipment, amidst the University ever increasing needs, to mention but few.

The Director is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Units and reports to the Board that is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), who in turn ultimately reports to the Chief Fund Raiser of the University (i.e. the Vice Chancellor).

The greatest challenge facing Nigerian Universities today is inadequate funding.  Ahmadu Bello University is not an exception to this reality. This obviously calls for urgent and drastic measures to be taken to save it from deterioration by looking inward for other sources of funding distinct from the Government. It is in the light of the foregoing, that we appeal and solicit for your usual continuous donation and supports to bridge developmental gaps in the University and raise it to a greater height.  No amount is small. 

To this end, all Staff, Alumni, Corporations, Foundation and Friends of the University and other Stake holders are therefore called upon to donate generously for the purposes of creating greater value in Ahmadu Bello University!!!

For further information please contact:


The Directorate of University Advancement,

Office of the Vice-Chancellor,

Opposite Senate Building,

Ahmadu Bello University,

Main Campus,


Kaduna State, Nigeria.



We count much on your usual cooperation and understanding in this regard.  Thank you all.

Long Live Ahmadu Bello University!!   Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Prof. Adamu Ahmed


Directorate of University Advancement